Art Exhibition

Violence Need Not Apply

Sphere 17, Regional Youth Facility Darndale,

18th of  May  7pm until 9pm,

This exhibition is young people’s response to a recent exhibition that was held in the Science Gallery in Dublin’s Trinity College called “Violence and Design”. This exhibition showcased objects and situations that have been created by humans to perpetrate acts of violence on other humans.

Our young people decided to turn this objective on its head. What happens when young people create things that exude LOVE NOT WAR?

This is a multidisciplinary exhibition containing Installation work, Sculpture, Drawing and Performance.

We are honoured to exhibit their creations.

Artists Exhibiting:

Xander Kenny

Rachel O’Toole

Leanne Scanlon

John O’Loughlin

Anthony Doyle

Naomi Ugwu

Jamie Lynch

Lara Fitzsimons